Museum Opening Times

The Museum is located on Oborne Road, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3RX.

The post code covers quite q large area so it is best tosearch Sherborne Steam & WaterwheelCentre on Google Maps - gives 19 Oborne Road as the location.

There is limited parking on site, additional parking available nearby on Oborne Road.

The September Weekend Open Days are part of Dorset Heritage Week

Open Days have the Hindley engines running under steam and the large waterwheel rumbling

Entry by donation from 11:30 until 3:30 p.m

Sunday 13 January Steam up with mince pies and mulled fruit juice.

Sunday 10 March

Sunday 7 April

Sunday 12 May

Sunday 2 June

Sunday 14 July

Sunday 11 August

Saturday & Sunday 14 & 15 September

Sunday 13 October 

For more information see also Facebook Sherborne Steam 


Group visits (not exceeding 20 people) can also be arranged. We need 10 days notice to arrange a private visit.

Please contact any of the following to make a booking:

For information on private group visits please telephone any of these Sherborne numbers:

Geoff Ward  +44(0) 1963 250206
David Wilkins  +44(0) 1935 816324


Voluntary Gift Aid Donations of the above amounts allow admission for a 12 month period.

Either a long or short talk can be given on the history of the wheel and to look at the collection of maps and engines.

The time required is between one and three hours - you decide which is best for you.

Waterwheel Waterwheel